I don’t have time to bake cakes, and I really don’t have time to write about the process- but here I am. I’m in the fourth year grad student at Cornell, and as a PhD candidate studying Fungi, my days are very full, full of experiments, learning, and teaching. Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m engaged and planning a wedding for 150 of our closest friends and family? Obviously, I need to distract myself with a thinly veiled guise of learning a delicious domestic skill that I currently lack.

The inspiration for the mission impossible of cakes come from my friend Katie, an excellent book blogger and scientist. While visiting her, and enjoying a coconut-pineapple mojito we began thinking, wouldn’t it be funny for me to blog about my ambitious goal of baking one cake a week for the next year?

I’m doing this because I have a sincere desire to know what I’m doing in the kitchen. I’m 26 but I feel like I’m still trying to learn some skills that seem like natural talents to my Mom. Sure, I can craft a tweet like nobodies business, and do some pretty serious science, but bake a cake…no. I believe that experiential learning is best so when I stumbled on Country Livings “56 Classic Homemade Cake Recipes” I saw an opportunity.

I am going to learn how to bake every cake on the list and maybe some more. My goal is simple: one cake a week, for one year. I hope that I will learn how to make cakes in their varied forms, make delicious food to share with friends and family, and distract myself from the chaos of my day to day life. How bad can this go? After all, cake is delicious.

Follow me on Instagram @yearofcake for more pictures of what’s in the oven.


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