Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberries

Deliciousness: 5 out fo 5 slices
This cake is amazing! So rich and sweet that I could eat this every day until my teeth fell out from the cavities it no doubt causes. It may be difficult to make but this cake is worth it.

This recipe comes from King Arthur Flour and it is beautifully written and technical enough, giving you the details you want when you’re attempting to bake something this complicated. It’s unfortunate that step-by-step instructions don’t translate to an easy recipe. This cake is fussy and took a long time to make. The first time I made it with the help of some of my friends and I was glad to have a team working on it. By the time we were finished, it looked like a sack of flour and sugar had both exploded inside their small apartment kitchen. No regrets- it tasted fantastic and was worth the mess.

Now that I’ve made this cake multiple times I can do it solo and I have several pieces of advice for you. Before you start, know you’ll be dirtying many, many bowls. Perhaps do the dishes as you go, or like me beg your fiance to do them while you work because you will fill your sink in no time. Also, I think it’s time-saving if you use raspberry preserves for the center of the cake and  decorate with the real berries on top. I use Smuckers raspberry jam and people love it. I think that you should alter the frosting to suit your needs. I add less powdered sugar, or more milk, so that it’s easier to spread. It’s a great idea to make the mousse and frosting the night before, but make sure you get them to room temperature before spreading them. This cake is very moist and it will fall apart if you try spread things that are cold on it.

Finally, I will leave you with this morsel of wisdom; don’t transport this cake. It’s really tall and the jam and mousse in the middle make it slide apart when you brake hard. I have tried twice, somewhat unsuccessfully, to get it to parties and it just doesn’t end well. I take a lot of time frosting and decorating cakes usually and it’s a bummer when they get ruined on your way to a party. Also, the butter in the frosting also makes it extremely vulnerable to melting if placed in direct sunlight. It’s best if you leave this cake where ever you assemble it and eat it right away.

Image-1 (2)


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