Banana-Caramel Cake

Difficulty: Medium
Deliciousness: 1 out of 5 slices
This simple banana cake is easy to throw together but was my first disappointing cake. Banana combined with the rich caramel icing should be amazing, but it fell short. At least this baked good that travels well. I added a layer of semi-sweet chocolate and recommend you do the same to add something interesting to it. Overall, this cake was mediocre and I won’t recommend it to you because it didn’t hold a candle to my Grandma’s banana bread. Call you Grandma, or mine, because this cake was plain and dry.

This week I was so excited to bake the banana-caramel cake from the country living list that inspired my recent baking frenzy. With the help of my guest star, my friend Michelle, I baked this simple cake with ease. Although it was so much fun to make it with a friend, it wasn’t that fun overall. It’s a no frills batter that I would call a banana bread. You say banana cake, I say banana bread. Same thing I supposed only in a different shape. I thought that the batter was really thick when it was time to pour into the pan. It did pour but I had to spread using a plastic spatula. Once that was done it baked evenly and smelled amazing.I decided to spread a layer of semi-sweet chocolate between the layers. It solidified and was a delicious addition that made the cake more interesting in my opinion.

Making the caramel icing was… not fun, to put it mildly. I bought myself a candy thermometer, which seems like a good investment to me, but things didn’t go so well. The recipe, although straight-forward for the most part, used some confusing terms that left me scratching my head in confusion. What exactly is “Soft ball” when we’re talking about caramel? After I added the butter, I transferred it to a mixing bowl and used my electric mixer for what felt like forever. I mixed and mixed, for probably 30 minutes, and it never thickened to more than a glaze. It tasted good but wasn’t what I expected. The whole thing left me disapointed and made a sticky mess that wouldn’t wash off my sauce pan.

So, I don’t recommend this cake or icing and I won’t be making it again.




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