Lemon Cake

Difficulty: Medium
Deliciousness: 4 out of 5 slices
What a beautiful cake! A cococnut-covered lemon-flavored dream that tasted great. Despite being a little dry everyone liked it. This is a really sour cake that without the marshmallow topping  wouldn’t have been good. The combination is nicely balenced and a delicous but unexpected combination of flavors.

Happy cakesgiving! I’m back from my short cake break just in time for the most stressful time of the year.  I’ll be avoiding my real responsibilities this holiday season by baking delicious cakes. First up, one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time lemon cake with marshmallow topping and toasted coconuts.

I wanted to make this cake so badly! I bought the lemons and it looked like I was ready to cake and then things were so crazy at work that the lemons got moldy waiting for me to find time.As a mycologist, I respect and even admire citrus mold sometimes, but in this case, I was sad. More lemons were purchased and once again I’m read to bake.

This recipe was wasn’t that difficult. The batter seemed pretty standard but with added lemon. I did cut my knuckle a little on the grater when I was zesting. Be careful fellow bakers not to get pricked on the grater. Also, I was shocked by how many eggs this recipe used. Overall, it was easy and well-written recipes always make me happy.

I wanted to make this cake mostly for the marshmallow topping. I thought marshmallows were held together with delicious magic, but as it turns out it’s just egg whites and sugar. The ancient Egyptians first used the marshmallow plant’s roots medicinally and as a delicacy. Later the French began making confections and Americans took it once step further removing all traces in plants and adding a generous coating of corn starch.

I would be really interested in seeing a marshmallow plant, I wonder if they make good ornimentals? Maknig marshmallow anything is messy and my topping never got a solid as I hoped. I even added extra cream of tatar, also known  as potassium bitartrate. This chemical helps stabalize egg whites, which apparently are unstable. I ended up with marshmallow topping on my fool, counters, sweater, and even in my hair because my bowl wasn’t deep enough for the electric mixer. If you’re going to attempt to make this please, I emplore you, make sure more to get it everywhere. Let’s just say cleanup was a real nightmare…



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